Decision December

From the moment we wake up, every single day, we make choices. Some of them are completely unconscious and out of familiarity or routine, out of fear or a determination to make something happen with unknown consequences. 

Whatever the motive, we meander - aware or otherwise through our waking hours and hopefully get through the other side as having survived challenges, opportunties, diverse feelings plus reflection before we close our eyes in preparation to repeat the sequence in the same way or with some possible tweaks, the very next day.

Having said all of this, there may be some experiences that we repeatedly have that cause anxiety, low mood or self-esteem, fear, sadness as well as fatigue but feel powerless in knowing how to change. The first step in making a change is, the recognition that the thing or things that causes internal angst, is not healthy. There also comes that time, when the thought of change enters the mind and take up residency and the possibility of doing something about the issue or carrying it out a different way is at least, a consideration.

Very often, the hurdle that prevents change is - the unknown.  

Familiarity of the challenge is a reality however, life without it can sometimes not be visible in the residency of the mind that is experiencing this turmoil. Be gentle in the experiencing of change, of wanting something different for you or for others. The process can be sudden or transition may have to be planned or calulated to determine the potential risk.

I decided that there we serveral processes of transformation that I am going through but with so many things that I want to do differently, the potential overwhelm could sabotage my progress so, I decided to carve out a monthly themes that would make the journey not only varied and seasonal and I could also repeat that particular theme next year and chart my progress or indeed pay attention to the hurdeles that continue to stack high and in my way to obscure my experience of the unknown.  

Decisions are pockets of opportunities to have different experiences however, in the contemplation, speak words of encouragement, understanding, patience and support within your mental space. Make time to reflect on the experiencing of our choices and when the time is right and the risks low enough, the decision that you make will become life changing - no matter how small but they will become the unconscious, through repeated effort. What can the month of December offer you in the way of making a different decision? You deserve joy!

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