Well-being sessions

Well Being Sessions

We work with community organisations, work spaces and individuals, to form supportive groups, where coming together to share current and relevant issues can help participants to learn coping strategies, problem solve and engage in supportive conversation.

Studies have shown the engaging is activities that give autonomy and validation to feelings and learning techniques in communication, are effective in the reduction of psychological challenges such as high blood pressure, migraines, feelings of anxiety and fatigue.

We believe in and create safe spaces for capacity building, creative adjustment and resillience tools to be a vital aspect of improving psychological functioning and is a way of developing resourcefulness, healthy relationships. If you would like us to design and run a well-being session for you, our team of therapist will take you through the process to suit your culture. Whether online or in person, you deserve access to peaceful and meaningful spaces.

Give us a call to arrange a conversation to support your workspace or community group - together.

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